Eminent Domain

Attorney Kenneth Haywood with Boxley Bolton Garber & Haywood represents land owners and business owners across North Carolina whose properties are being taken by the North Carolina Department of Transportation; private utility companies, such as Progress Energy, Duke Power, Piedmont Natural Gas; and local municipalities or another governmental agency. This condemnation is authorized by exercising their power of eminent domain to seize your property. The United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of North Carolina provide that private property may be taken for public use, but only when "just compensation" is paid to the property owners.

Kenneth Haywood has been recognized in legal publications as an attorney who represented clients in receiving the highest jury verdict recorded in one of the counties in North Carolina. He has significant experience in eminent domain and condemnation laws. Our office is located in Raleigh but we serve people and businesses across the state of North Carolina. We are dedicated to ensuring that the rights of our clients are fully defended, and that each and every property owner and business owner we represent receives their full and fair "just compensation."

The taking of property through eminent domain or condemnation can be a frustrating and confusing process. Kenneth Haywood has years of experience in representing both property owners and an agency of the State that has the power of condemnation. This unique experience allows him to explain to you the steps you need to be aware of before you accept any offer of compensation.

We provide free consultations on all eminent domain matters in the state of North Carolina. Call today to discuss your condemnation case.

It is important to contact an attorney with experience and specific knowledge of the condemnation process as soon as you are made aware that your property may be taken or impacted by an entity possessing the power of eminent domain. For some clients we are able to increase the offer for the land to be acquired before a lawsuit is even filed. Once a condemnation lawsuit is filed, the eminent domain laws in North Carolina provide very specific timelines and deadlines to respond in order to protect your right to receive just compensation. Failure to act promptly within these time constraints can result in a loss of rights and may prevent a property owner from receiving their full and fair compensation under the law.

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