Raleigh Real Estate Closing Attorney

Sometimes, people with real estate problems hesitate to consult an attorney because they are not sure what kind of problem they have.

The experienced attorneys at Boxley, Bolton, Garber & Haywood, L.L.P., want you to know two things:

1. Real estate is land and usually, anything attached to the land. Real property can be tangible (a mobile home) or intangible (such as oil and mineral rights).

2. Regardless of whether you know which type of problem you have, we do.

Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate, from initial sale, purchase agreement to title work. Talk to us about attending your closing to make sure you are well-represented at the table.

All of our lawyers have extensive experience in commercial and residential real estate matters.

We invite you to contact us to arrange a consultation at our Raleigh law firm. We can discuss your issue and your options so you can make informed decisions about important next steps. You are under no obligation to retain our services.

North Carolina Residential Real Estate Attorneys/North Carolina Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

Our experienced team of legal professionals handles matters for individuals and businesses from start to finish. At the conclusion, you will feel confident that your matter has been handled properly. We carefully research and proactively prepare documents with attention to issues such as future legal challenges. In fact, we are well-known for resolving the problems that can arise due to poorly drafted mortgage documents, purchase and sales agreements, and other contracts that slow or prevent the sale/transfer of property.

Our comprehensive legal representation includes:

  • Prelitigation advice
  • Failure to disclose defects/damage to buyers
  • Easement, access and boundary disputes
  • Representation of property owners in eminent domain and condemnation proceedings
  • Partition actions between co-owners of real property
  • Purchasing land and selling land
  • Homeowners association litigation
  • Real property ownership
  • Validity and priority of liens
  • Foreclosure litigation
  • Mechanic's liens
  • Closing proceedings and document drafting

The Raleigh real estate closing attorneys at Boxley, Bolton, Garber and Haywood, L.L.P., invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss whatever real estate or real property issues you are facing. Contact us to arrange a convenient meeting at our office in Raleigh's historic Nash Square building.

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